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Retouching Services

Providing retouching, color grading, composite layering, digital illustration and many other services for retouching projects big and small, for individuals, and agencies alike.

Highly motivated, hardworking, and passionate about post-production — working to make your vision a reality.


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The Process


1. Image Review & Estimate

To provide an accurate estimate I need an email from you summarizing your needs with project images attached for review. The image review will help determine the general scope and timeline for the project.

2. Retouch

This is the heart of each project. As soon as I receive your files I will address all post-production needs based on the initial image review and estimate.

3. Revisions

Each project includes one round of minor revisions. After the initial retouching I will return your files to you for review in high-resolution JPG format. Revisions may include additional color correction, brightness/contrast adjustments, detail enhancements, etc.

4. Delivery

Once you have approved the final images, including any revisions that have been made, I will send you the final files via WeTransfer in the flattened format of your choice (TIFF, PSD or JPG).


Post Production Services

Based on a quick e-mail summary and image review I will determine which tier your project falls into based on the guidelines below. I use these tiers as a starting point, but each project is assessed on an individual basis and treated as a custom job that determines an hourly or per image rate. As such, services and rates will change or vary depending on each project.


Teir 1 - Basic Retouching

Image clean-up, color & contrast correction
Detail enhancements
Minor skin & hair corrections


Tier 2 - Advanced Retouching

All of Tier 1, plus…
Body composition adjustments
Smoothing of wrinkles in fabrics and textiles
Removal of people/objects from image
Background adjustments
Photo restoration (for old, faded and/or damaged photos)


Tier 3 - Digital Composites

All of Tier 1 & 2, plus…
Complex logo removal (storefronts, products, etc.)
Image compositing or layering
Elaborate toning, finishing or other major adjustments


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