Client Onboarding

Hi there and welcome! This form is imperative to our process. It not only assures that all invoices and documents get sent to the right places, but makes sure we know exactly what to create for you.


Name *
Try to sum up the goals + mission of your business in one sentence.
These words will cultivate the emotion that people get when interacting with your brand.
What do you want your new website to accomplish? What are your goals?
Try to get specific! Are they a certain age or demographic? What adjectives describe them? Where do they shop?
This allows me to better understand your market + competition. We want to make sure to steer away from a visual identity that is too similar to theirs. You have a unique brand, and I want to make sure we stay true to that.
Ex: script, bold, light, hand-drawn, custom lettering, etc.
What do you like about it? What don't you like about it?
Home, About, Contact, Shop, etc.
Email collection, email marketing, social media integration, blog, photo/project galleries, etc.
Are they fun + whimsical, clean + professional, or sophisticated? Think in terms of your business, not just brands that you personally love. We need to make sure that your new visual identity best represents your business, and not just your personal style — although sometimes these are one in the same!